SAFE Tower Pvt. Ltd, our name symbolizes itself Safety is our utmost priority and we being the management is a concern and our desire to provide an environment to all our workers a safe and protected atmosphere. Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. It is a duty and moral responsibility of the company to look after the employee’s protection. When something is called safe, this usually means that it is safe within certain reasonable limits and parameters. We believe in ‘’Safety First.  Safety Always... Safety is our top priority and is never compromised. 

We have a strong Team for Safety whose mission is to educate all factory workers, Management staffs and tower climbers to facilitate safety training, to pursue, formulate, and adhere to Industries best practices.

On the installation site, Site Supervisors lead daily safety meetings to assess and discuss potential job site hazards, as well as to keep safety uppermost in everyone's mind. Our crews are instructed to focus on safety, and every effort is made to make safety a way of life.

Our team is committed to giving our best to the customers. We highly value our relationships with our clients and strive to meet their objectives. We aim to make our projects flow as smoothly as possible. We have had the honor of serving an extensive list of customers for the last 10 years and we appreciate every one of them.

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