RTM 213180

Roof Top Monopoles:-

The increase demand of communication towers used due to technological advances with the compulsion to provide efficient communications. In today’s earth mobile sectors is growing dynamically and has many competitive Players are in the market aiming to provide the best service to public. For better Network, for better communications all Telecom Operators are installing lot of Roof top Towers, Roof top poles and Monopoles where there is a dense population and having almost no open area available for Ground based Tower and Monopoles.

 STPL Roof Top Mount is based on leading standards, advanced technology, optimized design, creative efforts and plentiful experience.Monopole is made up of single steel tubular and equipped with working platform, ladders, etc. The monopole is designed according to customers’ requirements, such as design standards, antenna loads, wind speed, etc.  Our Monopoles have been widely recognized by customers and used in city sites like high rise commercial buildings, hotels etc. We are committed to providing the most suitable solutions for customers, with the lowest cost, best quality, and fastest delivery.

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